Regional Painting Blog

Regional Painting has been a family owned company from the start. We have created this website as somewhat of a blog to feature what we believe to be relevant content to our customers and also our readers. On this blog you will find many relevant businesses that we have used or are partnered with. These companies are all businesses that we personally recommend and are looking to send business to as referrals. We highly recommend the businesses we mention on this site and we hope to turn our customers into their customers!

At Regional Painting, we believe in community and local business. We want to help other local, family run businesses like our selves succeed within the community and throughout the country. In Canada, it is important to support your local economy, and we are doing our part by recommending businesses that are family run and also good examples of local business.

We believe in local businesses. We want to help local companies like ourselves succeed, so by promoting other non competing local businesses, we are doing our part to buy local! You should buy local services too!

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