Getting More Painting Leads with Alberta SEO

2 months ago, we were approached by an SEO/internet marketing company called Alberta SEO. We were skeptical of what SEO was and how you could rank a website in Google, but after receiving their free video analysis, I knew these guys were the real deal. They got back to me with a quote on a 6 month SEO campaign. I did some price shopping, and I wasn’t able to find a company that was able to provide what they were offering for a comparable price. I made the decision to sign on with their Search Engine Domination Package.

My website is now dominating the search engines for painting related keywords in the Guelph area. We have never had so many phone calls. My cell phone was so busy I had to hire a receptionist to start taking phone calls and scheduling and booking appointments and painting jobs. Our business is BOOMING, and we owe it all to Alberta SEO. They are the #1 source for SEO Alberta! Feel free to leave them a review on Yelp on behalf of us, because these guys are fantastic at what they do. You will not find a more dedicated SEO company that will get you leads to your company like Alberta SEO. In my opinion they are the best Calgary SEO company.

The team at Alberta SEO really helped our business explode in size. The least we owe them is a small article promoting their services. I promised Taylor, the owner that I would write a small post that would recommend their company. I am so glad to have been approached by this company, they have done wonders for my business, I am sure they can do the same for all of the readers reading this article. In my opinion you will not find a better search engine optimization company than Alberta SEO. No other companies come close to the level of internet marketing abilities that this company has. You will not find a more dedicated SEO company in the province or even the country for that matter.

The great thing about this company is that they do so much more than just SEO services. They also offer website design, reputation management services and also social media packages and management. This company literally does it all, and I honestly doubt there is an online marketing project that this company is not suited to handle. Their online advertising skill set is unlike any other company I’ve dealt with (and I’ve dealt with a few online marketing companies in my day as a business owner). They know their industry and their skills can be applied to just about any industry.

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Regional Painting has been a family owned company from the start. We have created this website as somewhat of a blog to feature what we believe to be relevant content to our customers and also our readers. On this blog you will find many relevant businesses that we have used or are partnered with. These companies are all businesses that we personally recommend and are looking to send business to as referrals. We highly recommend the businesses we mention on this site and we hope to turn our customers into their customers!

At Regional Painting, we believe in community and local business. We want to help other local, family run businesses like our selves succeed within the community and throughout the country. In Canada, it is important to support your local economy, and we are doing our part by recommending businesses that are family run and also good examples of local business.

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